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A New, Inspirational Design…

The FED team is always looking for new themes to offer for upcoming events, and we recently added Craft Beer Night to that list! In order to get the theme across we knew we needed an eye-catching element, so we built our NEW UrbanCraft Tables!  They are inviting communal tables with interchangeable lights, depending on the look you’re going for. Enjoy some pictures from our new theme, Craft Beer Night Out! 

New Inspiration Just In Time For Spring!

It is hard to believe it is already April which means Spring is upon us! I am sure you’ve seen a few of our Slat Happy decor items, but we wanted to share our new custom built additions. We have paired our Slat Happy decor with baseball accents and new hedge walls for a new theme for the spring season. Enjoy some inspiration photos for your next event!


Innovative, Original, Experimental….Avant-Garde

We recently were tasked with converting a central meeting area for 3,500 guests into a unique and inviting space for attendees to mingle, meet and learn new ideas.  We started with an initial concept of crisscrossing lines and an abstract color palette.  Our scenic team designed and built an amazing set that completely transformed

the space.

ROCKIN in the New Year!

We finished off 2016 with a Rockin themed event for a large food tradeshow. Each year we are tasked with transforming a 70,000 square foot expo hall. The theme this year was Rock n Roll. Our goal is to provide multiple branding opportunities while coming up with creative and unique design elements. Check out some of our new items, including a ROCKIN marquee entrance unit, a branded reflective wall and some new food stands.