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Themed Event: Mountain Climbing in the Spring



Although you can barely find a hill in the state of Florida, we were able to design an event for our client the theme of “Mountain Climbing in the Spring.”  The custom build décor included multiple mountain peaks accented with up-lighting and foliage.  This created a perfect backdrop for our clients event.

Wild Night VIP cocktail reception….

Florida Event Décor helped kick off a conference for over 1,500 attendees at Gaylord Palms Orlando.  The theme for the VIP cocktail reception was Wild Nights, a blend of elegant touches and safari enhancements.  Guests walked through a taupe fabric entrance accented with netting, foliage, crates and lighting.  The focal point of the room was a banana leaf stage set, standing 15′ tall and 24′ wide.  Lounge furniture, foliage and lighting helped complete the look for the night.

Safari Taupe Tapestry Entrance (3)
Rattan Sectional - Safari Accents Palm Tree Leaf Gobo Banana Leaf Stage Set (3)

Case Study: Innovation Pavilion | Florida Event Decor

Custom Event Environments

We can help you create the perfect setting for your event.

In this video, Eric Karter, owner of Florida Event Decor, describes an environment he built for a conference of around 2500 people in Orlando. The “Innovation Pavilion,” as they call it, was a place where conference-goers could go to meet the people involved in the conference.

Florida Event Decor started communication with the group running the conference and their event planner five months before the event itself. They worked together throughout the design process, eventually building an environment with a wave motif, circular carpets, and six TV walls.

Event Decorators in Florida

Our skilled and creative team of Florida event decorators at Florida Event Decor can help you design and construct the perfect environment for your event. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen! For a free consultation, give us a call at 407.574.4323.

Top 10 Corporate Event Theme Ideas

Plan an Unforgettable Corporate Event

Are you looking to make your next corporate event absolutely unforgettable? The best way to do this is to use a fun, unique theme for your event! Guests might not notice your carefully selected linens and immaculate silverware, but they are sure to remember the exciting Circus theme, complete with life size animals, performers, and popcorn machines!

The hardest part of planning a memorable themed corporate event is deciding on a theme in the first place. With so many exciting options, how can you ever hope to narrow it down?

Top 10 Latest Corporate Event Theme Ideas

Fortunately, our talented corporate event decorators at Florida Event Decor have years of experience helping our clients discover the perfect theme. Here is a list of the top ten latest corporate event theme ideas!

1) Circus

2) Hollywood

3) New York

4) Tropical Paradise

5) Florida Road-Trip

6) South Beach

7) Casino Royale

8) Nautical

9) Luminescence

        10) Mardi Gras

Check out our other unforgettable corporate event theme ideas.

The Best Event Decorators in Florida

At Florida Event Decor, we have an expansive warehouse full of authentic props, stunning sets, and unique event furniture rentals that are sure to make whatever theme you choose a huge success. Your guests will be blown away by your fabulous themed event! We design and decorate welcome receptions, awards galas, after parties, exclusive gatherings, and much more.

Call one of our talented corporate event decorators at (407) 574-4323 to set up a free consultation and begin planning your next corporate event!