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Red Carpet Hollywood Event Theme

A night among the stars

Roll out the red carpet! The stars are out tonight. Guests will be dazzled by a night of fame, fortune, and Hollywood awards. As guests take a walk down the red carpet, they will pass by the Hollywood style marquee with bright lights welcoming them to the big event. Around the entrance of the main event are over-sized Hollywood clappers and film reels with pictures of the stars from the past. Once inside, guests will be amazed by the lifelike Hollywood sign stretching across an entire wall of the room and the oversized Golden award statues. So, smile for the camera and take your chance on the red carpet – where a night of elegance and infamy will rouse your inner star!

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Do you want your guests to feel like the ultimate celebrities? Our team of Florida event decorators can make it happen. Contact us today, and discuss your event with our talented, creative event designers! Our stunning event furniture rentals combined with authentic props are sure to create a memorable evening!

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