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NASCAR Theme Event

Bring speed and excitement to your event!

It is Race Day! The engines are revved and the smell of rubber is in the air. Your guests are the winners of this amazing event and will be rewarded with a “Winner’s Circle” party! A “Welcome to the Winner’s Circle!” sign is attached to a 10 foot by 10 foot gleaming aluminum truss that is covered with race flags; accented with 55-gallon barrels, oil cans, pennant flags and race paraphernalia. A red carpet welcomes your guests through the truss into the room. Welcome to the track! Road carpet will run up to 200 foot into your event with a white dotted line down the center just in case guests want to race their way to the dance floor! Lighting gobos, racing props and checkered flutter flags complete this race event.

Designing The Best Events In Florida

If you have a need for speed, our Florida event decorators can create the perfect event for you! Our NASCAR themed event is sure to impress your guests. Fun themed event furniture rentals, authentic props, and exciting backdrops combine to create a one-of-a-kind event!

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