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New York City

New York City Theme Event

The party that never ends, in the city that never sleeps!

Welcome to New York! Guests will be mesmerized from that they moment the walk into the room. The city lights and full-size skyline will captivate your guests. Lamp posts with custom street signs and oversized posters with scenes from your favorite Broadway shows will make you feel like you are in the heart of the city. Take a seat in Central Park and unwind in the midst of the twinkling lights. Lastly, hit up the dance floor in the middle of downtown Manhattan!

Designing The Best Events In Florida

Our team of Florida event decorators can help you bring all the excitement of the Big Apple into your next event! Talented and creative, our team is sure to create an event that will amaze your guests. We have a huge inventory of event furniture rentals, authentic props, and lifelike backdrops that are sure to convince your guests they’re in the Big Apple.

Want to explore some different ideas? Visit our corporate event theme ideas page to discover more exciting themes! Call 407.574.4323 for a free consultation.

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